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Do you all take trade-ins?

While there are certain pieces we will take a trade in on, the general answer is no, feel free to call before hand to be sure.

How often do you get new gear in?

We have a unique situation that enables us to get new gear in just about weekly.  Be sure to check back often because you are likely to see something new every time.

My guitar needs work can you fix it?

For simple to mid level fixes we can usually handle it the same day, for more complicated fixes we have several very qualified guitar techs we can refer you to.

Can I get my band on your local artist page?

As long as you are in our general area anyone is welcome to apply, navigate to the local artist spotlight page and go to the bottom of the page.

Is gear made in the US the only good gear?

This is not so, while “Made in USA” is usually indicative of higher quality we have seen several killer guitars come out of Japan and Mexico – even the Made in China guitars can be good players when set up properly.

A good player can make any guitar sound good.

Can I buy something without getting to the store?

Absolutely, please call our store number and ask about the item you are interested in.